Orange updates personal line service

Orange updates personal line service
Orange has updated its personal line service for business customers. The service allows customers to have two numbers, on one device.

The changes mean that businesses can offer their employees a handset and only pay for work related calls and texts.

There are three plans available with the service. Customers can choose between a PAYG option and inclusive minutes.

Everything Everywhere corporate marketing director Max Taylor said: ‘Being able to use a work phone for personal calls while keeping the bills separate is really handy for businesses and their employees. We’ve made it even more convenient by adding on optional allowances for the things we know people love to be able to use their phones for on an everyday basis – browsing the web, sending emails or just having the ability to use an additional, inclusive number of texts. It’s good for employers too.

‘Because of the split billing functionality that Personal Line offers, businesses can rest easy that they’ll be able to give their employees a company mobile without the potential hassle that this can cause. Additionally, as Personal Line eliminates the need for individuals to carry more than one phone, they can keep in touch easily whether the phone is being used for business or leisure.’
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