Vodafone leaks Partners' confidential details

Vodafone leaks Partners' confidential details

Vodafone has launched an internal investigation after mistakenly sending out a full list of its Platinum, Gold and Silver Partners, including contact details, to all Vodafone's Partners.

The information, sent out last week, was attached to an email informing all Vodafone Partners of new terms and conditions for new and existing customers which comes into force today (1 November).

Four hours later, after the mistake was uncovered, Vodafone SME director Rob Shardlow (pictured) emailed all Vodafone Partners asking them to delete the email.

Shardlow said: ‘Earlier this afternoon we contacted you via email regarding our customer contracts and terms and conditions.

As part of this email we inadvertently attached a full list of all our partners by tier, including confidential contact information.

Please can you delete this email.

We apologise and would like to let you know what steps we are taking with immediate effect.

We are launching a full internal investigation including carrying out a root cause analysis and revised processes will be put in place.’

Partners contacted Mobile to express their shock at the leak. One said: ‘This is a proper schoolboy error. It gives Vodafone’s rivals sight of all their partners and their contact details. If this falls into O2’s or Everything Everywhere’s hands they will have a field day.’

One source added: ‘It lists all the partners and shows who brings in the numbers and will allow rivals to go after them accordingly. If I was an O2 dealer then I would think Christmas had come.’

A Vodafone spokeswoman said: ‘An email was sent to some of our partners last week regarding customer contracts and terms and conditions and some other details were inadvertently included.

'We are launching a full internal investigation and we are in contact with our partners so they are fully up to speed with the action we are planning.

'In the meantime, the Vodafone Partner Programme is making great progress and the level of interest in One Net and One Net Express is extremely positive.’

The spokeswoman added that 'the email contained business contact information but not personal details.'

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