JCB Toughphone launches four new devices

JCB Toughphone launches four new devices

Peter Jones’ Data Select and JCB have again teamed up for the launch of four ‘tough’ new mobiles.

The handsets, which cater for everyone from builders to surfers, start at around £69.99.

Jones said: ‘We’ve seen huge and rapid growth in the mobile phone market with “smart” phone devices, but if you lead an outdoor lifestyle or work in a particularly rugged environment, these aren’t always suitable. This is why I got behind the JCB phone in 2008 and why my people are expanding the range now from one handset to four to meet different high impact needs.

‘One of the businesses in my investments portfolio is telecoms company Data Select, which has worked closely and exclusively with JCB well before the original launch of the first handset. The JCB brand is synonymous with durability and it felt like a great marriage with a handset that could stand up to all sorts of extreme conditions.

‘Since launch, my team has sold more than 50,000 of the original handsets and they estimate now that the rugged phone market specifically in the UK has the potential to grow to at least 250,000 devices, probably more. Originally, the identikit target customer was probably somebody working on a building site or in an outdoor trade, but it’s fair to say that the handset is perfect for anyone that spends a lot of time outdoors.

‘Two further models are now being launched with different features and functionality toappeal to different types of customers in that market sector with different needs. These phones are not just are suitable for tough working conditions, they are also ideal forpeople who lead outdoor lifestyle, such as mountain climbing, skiing and sailing.

‘In the new four-handset JCB range, perhaps my personal favourite is the floating phone. This is probably a world first and I’ll be putting it through its paces when we unveil it for the first time next week.’

Written by Mobile Today
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