Mobile scammers target smartphones

Mobile scammers target smartphones

Mobile phone scams are costing consumers five times more than computer scams, with scammers increasingly targeting smartphones.

According to a survey by mobile phone security company AdaptiveMobile, one in every hundred mobile phone users are falling for a texting scam, with smartphones opening up new sources of criminal revenue.

Mobile phone users offer rich pickings for scammers who can make around £7 million in just three days of activity.

Simeon Coney, VP of business development at AdaptiveMobile said: ‘With spammers finding ways of avoiding the cost of sending bulk SMS the traditional barrier to receiving spam on mobiles has been removed.’

AdaptiveMobile warned that mobile users are more vulnerable to being scammed than PC users.

Coney said: ‘A mobile phone is a very personal device and people are intrinsically more trusting of communications via their handset than content in their email inboxes.While the mobile operators are fighting the criminals at network level, users too need to play their part if they’re to stay safe in an increasingly mobile world.’

The types of scam the firm found included sophisticated attacks that exploit smartphone capabilities to connect to the internet – the results included “click fraud” on adverts or mobile viruses. Simpler scams included SMS messages claiming the recipient had won a prize, fooling them into replying via a premium rate call or text.

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