Consumers feel little loyalty to mobile operators, survey reveals

Consumers feel little loyalty to mobile operators, survey reveals

Almost half of European consumers (45%) would leave their current mobile operator if they did not sell the handset they desired, a new survey by ATG revealed today.

The survey by ATG (Art Technology Group) a provider of e-commerce solutions, showed that a large proportion of consumers across Europe do not feel loyalty to their current mobile operator. Some 31% said they had been with two mobile operators in the last five years. A further 10% of consumers reported they have been with three or more mobile networks in the last five years.

The results show consumers rate their network’s current customer service as either ‘poor’ or ‘very poor’, and 72% of those surveyed only visit their operator’s website once a month, to check their bill online.

Consumers surveyed also revealed they are keen for operators to improve customer service online. For example, one-third (33%) of customers surveyed said they would like to have ‘click to call’ services integrated into operators websites, to make contact simpler and easier when issues arise.

Meanwhile, 29% of those surveyed said they would like a more tailored homepage, with one in five (21%) in favour of personalised search results being offered by mobile operator homepage sites. These results were similar to those found across Europe - see graph above.

Brendan Cooling, ATG’s director of client development for communication solutions, commented: ‘With saturated markets, mobile operators are increasingly fighting against customer churn, so improving online customer service and hence loyalty is hugely important. The means and technology for companies to personalise each customer’s experience is already available and relatively simple to integrate into existing websites.

‘With more people heading online for customer service, this research should act as a wake-up call. Operators today must engage customers better and roll out personalised service online if they are to attract and retain customers.’

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