Nokia's N8 smartphone hits power glitch

Nokia's N8 smartphone hits power glitch

A ‘limited number’ of Nokia N8 smartphones have been sold with a power fault that makes them switch themselves off, the handset manufacturer has revealed.

The glitch will come as a blow to Nokia, which has set its recovery on the successful launch of the N8,its first serious iPhone challenger.

Speaking on the company’s website, Nokia sales chief Niklas Savander said that ‘a limited number of N8 users’ were facing the problem of their phones switching off, and they are not able to turn them on again’.

The company said the fault was due to a problem in production, which has since been fixed.

Nokia says the problem was limited to the N8 model, but would not say how many phones had the problem.

The fault in the power management stems from the way in which the engine component – which includes most of the technology in the phone, excluding covers and batteries – in the Nokia N8 was being installed.

‘If you look at the total number it is a small number,’ Savander said in a video on Nokia’s website.

The N8’s June launch was delayed due to quality problems, finally launching in October.

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