IPhone outsells N8 by six to one

IPhone outsells N8 by six to one

Apple iPhones are outselling Nokia’s N8 by six to one, according to analyst firm Morgan Stanley.

The survey, which covered 150 phone shops across Europe, found Apple’s device was outselling Nokia’s flagship model by a wide margin.

Despite this, the company said the N8 was not selling as badly as feared. It predicted Nokia would sell 2.5 million N8s in the quarter and 9 million through 2011. Morgan Stanley analyst Patrick Standaert added that the manufacturer would maintain share of 35% - down from 37% now – given the rest of its line up.

Customers were reportedly happy with the N8 in most areas bar the Ovi store’s app count, which was well behind the iPhone's own store.

Nokia’s N8 is the manufacturer’s flagship model and the basis on which it has placed its smartphone strategy.

Apple shipped 14.1 million iPhones in just the summer and is expected to beat that figure during its next quarter.

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