Z-Three to distribute MicroVision Projector

Z-Three to distribute MicroVision Projector
Smartphone accessories distributor Z-Three has been appointed as an international distributor for the MicroVision SHOWWX Laser Pico Projector. The pocket-sized laser display device is designed to enable users to share information beyond the small screens of their handheld devices.   

The MicroVision SHOWWX Laser Pico Projector is a battery-powered, plug and play unit that retails for around £349 including VAT.

With the SHOWWX, users can view slideshows, stream and watch mobile TV or movies, or share user-generated and other multimedia content through devices or applications that support video-out.

At 14x60x118mm, the device is small enough to fit into a shirt pocket. It projects an image size of 150mm – 2,500mm with WVGA (848x480 pixels) – standard definition. The device has a two-hour battery life, enough to watch a full-length feature film on one charge. It comes with infinite focus, meaning there is no need to adjust and readjust focus, projects on any surface and has a short throw ratio so that large images can be delivered in small, confined spaces.  

‘It’s great that we can finally get rich content on our mobile devices, but tiny palm-sized screens limit the viewing experience, and generally only one or two people at a time can see it,’ said Kari Myllykoski, director of international sales for MicroVision. ‘How often do we see people passing their phones around to share something? The SHOWWX enables hours of content sharing, on any surface, simultaneously.’

Myllykoski added: ‘We chose Z-Three because, in addition to their international reach, they are a solutions-based partner who don’t take a ‘one size fits all’ approach to selling. Our product has multiple applications for consumer, business and education users, so we need a partner who can tailor to varied needs.’

Philipp Gutzwiller, Z-Three’s commercial director, said: ‘This is a great accessory for smartphone users in both professional and consumer settings. It’s a slim-line unit with great quality graphics, always in focus, and very robust. Our customers are a discerning bunch, and this will fit perfectly with our wide portfolio of accessories – anything but ‘run of the mill.’
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