Android eats data capacity

Android eats data capacity
Android phones use more network capacity than any other smartphones, a new study has revealed.

The announcement comes as network capacity is put under increasing strain by the surge in smartphone use.

Users of the Android operating system consume more data than other smartphones, the study by telecom network technology company Arieso revealed.

This is due to Android phones having better video recorders, as well as software for editing the footage.

While handsets are poised to overtake computers as the most used device for browsing the web, operators are promoting data use as they strive to maintain revenues. The networks have removed unlimited data tariffs as revenue from traditional voice declines, but they are still facing congested networks.

Compared with Apple’s iPhone 3G, launched in 2008, newer smartphones generated around 40% higher downlink data volumes and as much as 130% higher uplink volumes, the company said.

The most data hungry were Apple’s iPhone 4, HTC’s Desire, and Sony Ericsson’s Xperia, while devices such as RIM’s BlackBerry consumed significantly less data.

Operators will need to boost coverage in hotspots by setting up devices such as femtocells and picocells or Wi-Fi networks, the study said.

Despite spending millions of pounds each day on network improvements, operators are still behind, with some claiming they need permission from the Government to roll out next generation services earlier than 2012 in order to avoid further congestion.

Arieso CTO Michael Flanagan said: ‘Smartphone subscriptions are rising and so too is subscriber appetite for mobile data. It’s a trend that’s set to continue.’

Android, which unlike some operating systems is free to manufacturers, has surged since entering the market two years ago.

Android share ranked second in the last quarter, beating Apple’s iOS and RIM’s BlackBerry OS. It is expected to overtake Symbian to become the leading operating system next year.
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