Networks to sign Eurotunnel deal

Networks to sign Eurotunnel deal
Operators are in discussions about a deal to provide coverage in the Eurotunnel by 2012, Mobile can reveal.

The move coincides with the opening of the tunnel to train operators other than Eurostar next year.

The proposal will see close co-operation between Ofcom and its French equivalent over the way telecom licenses are operated within the tunnel to ensure that no licenses are broken.

Coverage in the tunnel will span 2G and 3G, with the contract estimated to be worth between £10m and £20m.

It is thought that the move, in which France and the UK will ‘borrow’ spectrum from each other, will be a world first. Although half of the tunnel is connected by French spectrum, UK users will not roam until they reach France on the other side.

In late November, Mobile exclusively revealed that the networks were poised to sign a £150m tube deal.

The deal between Transport for London (TfL) and the big four operators has received backing from the Mayor of London and aims to provide coverage in time for the London Olympics in 2012.
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