Microsoft may buy handset manufacturer

Microsoft may buy handset manufacturer

Microsoft could acquire a handset manufacturer to fuel its drive into the smartphone market.

In an interview last week with CNBC on its recent Windows Phone 7 launch, CEO Steve Ballmer did not rule out a major acquisition by Microsoft.

Asked why the company did not acquire a major manufacturer, such as RIM or Nokia, Ballmer said: ‘Well, look, let's distinguish between bold technology bets and acquisitions. We've made bold technology bets ….. Now, when does an acquisition make sense? That's a complicated subject, probably best not addressed in this interview.’

Microsoft has also revealed it is planning to widen its distribution of Windows Phone 7 smartphones this year, with plans to add language support for Chinese, Russian, Portuguese, Japanese and Korean.

The company is also reporting a rapid growth in the development of Windows Phone 7 apps. Microsoft’s Windows Phone Marketplace now has over 5,500 apps with new ones being added at the rate of around 100 a day.

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