ZTE to boost smartphone shipments to 10 million in 2011

ZTE to boost smartphone shipments to 10 million in 2011

ZTE has launched the ZTE Skate, its latest Android smartphone, at MWC today and revealed plans to boost its smartphone shipments fivefold to 10 million units this year.

The ZTE Skate runs on Android 2.3. It is expected to ship across most global markets in May this year.

The device launches alongside ZTE’s new marketing strategy ‘Light your smart world’, which targets the mid to high-end of the market and aims to promote all of its smartphone, tablet and internet box range of devices.

Speaking at the launch at MWC today, executive VP He Shiyou said: ‘We are not just in the low-end of the market, we are increasingly supporting the mid to high-end.’

ZTE is aiming to develop devices which integrate both enterprise and consumer applications at affordable prices.

He Shiyou said: ‘We want to give you more features for less.’

ZTE repledged its alliance with Android as its platform of choice for ZTE, with Windows remaining as the company’s ‘back-up’ choice.

The manufacturer said its main criterion is that a platform is open source. ZTE will launch a number of Wholesale Application Community (WAC) based open source products in the second half of 2011, following it signing up to WAC in 2010.

He Shiyou said ZTE became one of the top five handset manufacturers in the world in 2010, shipping around 90 million mobile devices overall, of which 63 million were handsets. Overall shipments increased 51% year-on-year, he added.

The company also plans to continue its strategy to further strengthen its brand this year, focusing on the ODM and dual-carrier strategy with tier-1 operators in Europe and North America, and strengthening awareness of its brand in tier-2 operator deals.

ZTE is also showcasing its Light series of tablet PCs at MWC this week, including the seven-inch Light, Light 2 and the Light 10-inch, which features a faster processor, supports Android 3.0 and will be launched in Q3 2011.

ZTE claims its Light tablets, also known as the V9 range, are ranked third globally in the tablet market after the Apple iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab.

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