Box’s resignation ‘nothing to do with Excell’s demise’

Box’s resignation ‘nothing to do with Excell’s demise’

Former MD of Excell Communications Stuart Box came out fighting this week, insisting that his resignation from Excell Communications in September last year had no impact on the company’s demise in December.

Box said: ‘I left Excell after 18 months away for personal reasons. There is no connection between me leaving and the company going into administration. I could not have known that the main distributor would withdraw their support to the new owner following my departure (that being the motivating factor in the company’s administration), not least since the new owner had run the business in my absence during that 18 month period.’

Box sold the company to fellow director Richard Canfer-Taylor on 30 September 2010. Excell went into administration nine weeks later on 6 December 2010.

A creditors’ report shows the firm was hit by cashback claims estimated to be between £600,000 and £1.3m.

The company was also dealt a blow by Midland Communications’ decision to withhold around £100,000 in commissions, shortly after the company was sold to Canfer-Taylor.

Box added: ‘The administration of Excell has had a devastating effect on both me and my family, and I have every sympathy for those that have lost money as a result. I myself am a large creditor of Excell and hold several personal guarantees against the business. Therefore, the administration of that company has significant ongoing financial implications for me and my family as well.’

Box is now MD of B2B Mobile and Wolves Mobile. Contrary to last week’s report, Orange has not issued a ‘no deal’ notice on Wolves Mobile but has issued a ‘no deal’ notice against B2B Mobile.

An Everything Everywhere (Orange) spokesman told Mobile: ‘A ‘do not deal’ has been issued to B2B Mobile in December, which we expect to be applied to all of its subsidiaries. We have not issued a ‘do not deal’ to Wolves Mobile directly as we do not trade with them. However, we note that they currently advertise Orange tariffs and products on their website, which we will be asking them to remove.’

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