RIM, Motorola and Android Honeycomb threaten Apple

RIM, Motorola and Android Honeycomb threaten Apple

RIM’s PlayBook, Motolola’s XOOM and devices featuring Android’s Honeycomb will threaten Apple’s tablet dominance, industry experts have predicted.

Apple has sold 15 million iPads in nine months and has over 90% market share. Reports suggest the manufacturer is hoping to ship 40 million of the devices this year.

However, Apple will eventually be overturned by Android tablets, some analysts are predicting. Meanwhile, Phones 4u’s Russell Braterman today predicted that RIM and Samsung will take share from Apple.

CCS Insight analyst Ben Wood said that Apple had set a new benchmark for existing tablets with the launch of its iPad 2 today.

He said: ‘You have 65,000 apps tailored to the iPad while there are around 100 on Android Honeycomb at present – but that will grow quickly.’

Wood said RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook will pose a real threat to Apple when it launches in the summer. He added: ‘The PlayBook is very interesting as RIM has a clear, addressable market. There are those that have a BlackBerry and want something a bit more or like BBM. However, the price is critical.’

‘The Palm TouchPad is also a very interesting device,’ he said. ‘HP has done a good job with WebOS and it has a similar quality to Apple in that it’s a high tier device. However, it has no content or apps yet.’

Meanwhile, other industry experts hailed Motorola’s XOOM as also a real competitor to the iPad. While the iPad 2 has had no changes made to the viewing surface, the XOOM’s 10-inch LCD display has a resolution of 1280x800 as well as a 16:9 aspect ratio for widescreen viewing.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab has also been cited as a threat to the iPad’s dominance. Its large 10-inch LCD screen has IPS like the iPad 2 as well as a 16:9 aspect ratio like the XOOM.

But Wood added: ‘I think it will all come down to pricing. If you are a competitor you have to price against the iPad 2. Android Honeycomb is about price.’





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