Is iPad 2 worth the upgrade?

Is iPad 2 worth the upgrade?

Apple’s shiny new iPad 2 will hitting UK retail stores on 25 March – and the specs aren’t to be sniffed at.

It features a 1GHz dual-core A5 chip, as well as two cameras on the front and back. The new CPU is said to be up to twice as fast, with graphics performance up to nine times better than on the original iPad. Meanwhile, the power requirements have been kept the same, and battery life is still 10 hours.

But how sellable is Apple’s latest device? I went out to ask retail staff whether Apple had made its newest upgrade worth the, er…upgrade.

Some staffers said the specs of the iPad 2 are so similar to the iPhone 4, that it is very difficult to see them as two separate products.

Alister Ramirez, from Carphone Warehouse in Hammersmith, says: ‘I own an iPhone 4, so I would not get an iPad 2, as it’s just a bigger version.’

Other retail staff had had very specific updates in mind before Apple's announcement last week.

Neel Patel from the Three store in Westfield was waiting for Apple’s Retina Display to be featured on the device, but was disappointed after Steve Jobs’ announcement. He says: ‘Looks like I will have to wait for the iPad 3. I have got so used to the (HD) screen of the iPhone 4 – so that’s what I’m waiting for.’

But what is the draw for other staff? Firstly, there is a choice of colours. The iPad 2 will be sold from day one in black and white.

Retail staff like the idea of giving customers this choice. Samira Tari, from the T-Mobile store in Hammersmith, says: ‘I’m really looking forward to the white one, I know my customers will love it.’

The price is also a big pull for some retail staff. Raz Patel from the Orange store said: ‘I would get one, I think it's great that the price is the same as the old model.’

And this is great news if you didn’t just purchase an old iPad – three weeks ago. However, Apple is kindly offering customers the chance to upgrade to the newer version.

As for me, I have owned the original iPad since launch day and I feel this update is lacking the ‘wow’ factor.

I don’t think the iPad 2 needed to be faster as the original was fine, I also don’t think it needed to be thinner – the original was not chunky.

On a more positive note, I’m impressed that the iPad 2 is lighter and features two cameras, but I have an iPhone 4 so I would have been more impressed with a better screen resolution.

Plus, if the iPad 2 had the ability to play Flash video, then it would have been worth an upgrade purchase!

But if I didn’t own an original iPad I would buy an iPad 2 based on looks alone…and I haven’t even seen or played with one yet. So perhaps you can still call me an Apple fanboy.

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