O2 and Three rapped by the ASA

O2 and Three rapped by the ASA

O2 and Three have been rapped by the ASA for misleading adverts.

O2 got in trouble after a customer complained about an email, which said: ‘Thanks for playing O2 Top-Up Surprises. And for picking our Concierge Travel saver offer. To get going with a £150 per person discount, just visit yourtimeaway.co.uk and choose your holiday from the range on offer.’

A customer complained about the email, saying the maximum discount was £80 and the discount was not genuine.

O2 argued that the offer enabled some customers that had played O2 Top-up Surprises to select a discount of £150 per person on a range of holidays through Concierge Affinity Travel.

However, the ASA said the email should not be used again in its current form.

Meanwhile, Three’s problems arose from a regional press advert featuring text that stated: ‘Don’t just take our word for it. We’re rated No.1 network for mobile internet speed and value by smartphone users.’

It included the YouGov logo and small print which said: ‘All figures are from the independent YouGov Smartphone, mobile internet, experience report wave 4 (Sept 10).’

A customer complained that the ad was misleading because it did not set out how the comparison between other networks could be verified.

The network also got in trouble was making the claim that its network was ‘better for smartphones’. However, it argued that the claim was related to the speed of its network.

Although the ASA decided the speed claims were not misleading, it noted that the ad included Three's web address and reference to the YouGov report – which is not available on either YouGov or the Three website.

Therefore, the watchdog told Three that the ad should not appear again in its current form.

Three said it is currently looking at getting the YouGov information online.

It said: 'The ASA's ruling confirmed that Three had won the YouGov award and the ad was not misleading for saying "better for smartphones". However, the ASA did ask us to provide information on how the YouGov results came about, so we  are now working with YouGov to get this information into the public domain so customers can see why Three is the best network for smartphones.'

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