Acer Iconia Tab W500 set for UK launch next week

Acer Iconia Tab W500 set for UK launch next week

Acer will launch the Acer Iconia Tab W500 in the UK on 24 March.

The launch is part of a major drive into the UK’s smartphone and tablet market which will see a portfolio of between seven and ten smartphones and three tablets rolled out in the UK this year.

This will include Acer's first Windows Phone 7 smartphone, which will launch in the autumn.

Speaking to Mobile today, Aymar de Lencquesaing, Acer's senior corporate VP said ‘a clear majority’ of Acer’s portfolio will be Android devices in 2011 but indicated the number of Windows Phone 7 devices in the portfolio could rise in 2012.

He said: ‘Microsoft’s deal with Nokia is a strong endorsement of Windows Phone 7 as a platform, giving it more strength as an operating system – we won’t develop our own operating system so a market where there are a couple of options can’t be a bad thing for us.’

Acer’s smartphone portfolio will be ‘relatively evenly spread’ across the market, de Lencquesaing said, adding, 'if anything it will be more aimed towards the mid to high end than to the entry level.’

The manufacturer will also launch three tablets this year. The Acer Iconia Tab, which will land in the UK next week, is a hybrid design,with a full-size dockable keyboard. It weighs in at  just 900g and comes with a 10.1-inch screen, with a resolution of 1280x800, allowing users to play full HD movies.

De Lencquesaing said its tablets will come in three screen sizes – 10-inch, seven-inch and 4.8-inch. ‘We will stick to this form factor with several iterations. Part of our strategy and our differentiation is to be one of the few vendors that offer the market a mobile data device of any size or form factor,’ he added.

De Lencquesaing said the market was moving towards consumers owning multiple devices, which would include a smartphone, a tablet and 'a device with a keyboard.' He said Acer is targeting that market by offering seamless migration between its devices.

He said: ‘We have released Clearfire software which can pair these devices and allow exchanges between these devices,’ he added.

Acer is confident it can break into the UK smartphone market, using Acer’s track record in the IT market, de Lencquesaing said.

He explained: 'We have to leverage the strength of the brand, especially in the variety of devices we can offer and they way they can tie into one another.

He added: 'Most people are familiar with Acer and are very happy to purchase from us so that is a very good place to start.’

He said the smartphone market was still open to new entrants.

‘This is a time when the lines can move very quickly, look at Android, which was not even on the map two years ago. So we see ourselves as the challenger - our glass is half full, as we do not have an enormous legacy position to defend. The only question is how fast we can grow and stack up against the competition.’

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Windows Phone 7 is great! I am looking forward to see what Acer comes up with using this great new OS.
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