Sony Ericsson targets 1,000 ambassadors by end of May

Sony Ericsson targets 1,000 ambassadors by end of May

Sony Ericsson will have 1,000 ‘ambassadors’ on its Ambassador Programme by the end of May, the company’s marketing director Dave Hilton told Mobile this week.

The move will see Sony Ericsson more than double its current total of around 400 ‘ambassadors’ as it looks to seduce retailers with its Xperia range.

Hilton said: ‘It’s a real priority for us. Sony Ericsson used to be the darlings of the market and we were certainly the darlings of retail. We’ve had a tough two years but now we are excited about the products. If we do it well, people will recommend Sony Ericsson for high-end innovation.’

Sony Ericsson wants retail and call centre staff to become advocates in return for better training, better access to Sony Ericsson, and free Xperia products through its Ambassador Programme.

The manufacturer’s Ambassador Programme sits under an umbrella programme called “The Insider”.’

Hilton said: ‘In return for that we want them to go over and above, and, for example, manage our point of sale in retail, as well as recruit onto the training via “The Insider”.’

The bottom tier in Sony Ericsson’s Insider programme is the ‘Insider Crew’ – the team that go around stores to train staff. There is also a digital training programme – a website that offers over and above what is offered in store. The website has 23,500 registered users.

Sony Ericsson has three tiered shops: platinum, gold and silver.

‘We visit platinum every three weeks and gold and silver every six weeks,’ Hilton said.



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