HP aims to sell 100 million webOS devices a year

HP aims to sell 100 million webOS devices a year

HP will ship 100 million webOS enabled devices a year, the manufacturer claimed at a strategy update this week.

HP CEO Leo Apotheker outlined the company’s strategy at an event in San Francisco.  

He said: ‘HP’s scalable, converged infrastructure forms the backbone of today’s cloud computing, and we expect our leadership in software, services, PCs and web-connected printers, to give us a huge advantage as we help define, deliver and run the truly connected world that spans cloud and connectivity, from the consumer through the enterprise.’

The four-point strategy for expanding HP’s market leadership and leveraging its core strength as a provider of cloud technology focuses primarily on cloud, connectivity and software.

The push on HP’s hardware, software and services comes as the company takes full advantage of powerful trends such as ‘consumerisation’, cloud computing and connectivity.

IDC chief research officer Crawford Del Prete said: ‘We increasingly live in a world where enterprise and personal IT experiences are blurring. More and more, it’s about enabling customers to seamlessly and securely interact with the ‘right’ information for a multitude of contexts.

‘HP’s strategy lays a foundation for the company to move from delivering world-class information technology, to world-class information experiences.’

In addition to developing and running the industry’s first cloud marketplace, HP intends to continue to focus on performance, growth and operational quality to build on its financial strength and feed on the company’s core businesses.

Apotheker said: ‘Information technology is the fabric of the global community. Data is the world’s most valuable raw material and information is the most valuable commodity.’



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