Vodafone signal failure leaves MPs furious

Vodafone signal failure leaves MPs furious

Vodafone has come under fire after signal problems in the House of Commons aroused anger among MPs using its network yesterday afternoon.

Politics Homes editor, Paul Waugh, yesterday tweeted over the issue: ‘It's true that Vodafone signal has disappeared in Commons recently. Lots of MPs furious, now raised with Speaker’.

The Speaker’s wife, Sally Bercow, replied by tweeting 'the Speaker's on O2. But I'm sure he'll sort it :)’

She later added: ‘I’m on O2 too, thank God’.

Irate MPs reportedly phoned a Vodafone helpline, which was unable to resolve the situation.

The company recently named UK’s most valuable brand, has come under fire twice in the past year because of technical troubles.

A Vodafone spokesperson said: ‘The problems experienced yesterday was a result of work being carried out on the roof of one of our small sites in Southbank and not a network fault.

‘We sent a team of engineers to the site as soon as possible, but some MPs did experience a reduction in service while the service was down.’

Vodafone confirmed that they had been in contact with the Speaker’s office yesterday and again today once the problem had been dealt with.

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