O2 announces higher Pay and Go simplicity tariffs

O2 announces higher Pay and Go simplicity tariffs

O2 has launched a new set of Pay & Go simplicity (sim only) tariff options for new and upgrading customers, bringing them in-line with its Pay Monthly simplicity allowances.

The move, announced back in June 2010, means customers now choose their minutes and texts and web allowance independently of each other to create their own bespoke package.  

O2’s reasoning is that as mobile usage evolves and Internet on the mobile reaches the mass market, it believes it should not ‘segregate or stereotype customers. True choice is being offered what the customer wants, not what we prescribe’.

O2 has raised the price of its lowest simplicity allowance by £2.50 for new and upgrading customers joining Pay & Go simplicity. The operator said the tariff still offered great value for customers, including unlimited texts, which it says is what customers  value most.

Customers already on Pay & Go simplicity will remain on their existing allowance and at their existing price.

An O2 spokesperson said: ‘As we announced earlier in the year, we made an exception with Pay & Go simplicity customers, and chose to delay the VAT increase on their allowances in January. As part of this refresh, we have now aligned the VAT rate with our other tariffs to 20%, which accounts for a proportion of the increase in the £10.50 and £15.50 allowances.’

Customers can now choose from three basic simplicity allowances:

1.            0 Minutes & Unlimited texts for £7.50

2.            100 Minutes and 500 texts for £10.50

3.            300 Minutes and Unlimited texts for 15.50

If customers want to use the web on their phone, they can choose to include one of three data allowances, from an extra £3 a month. These are the same data allowances as O2’s Pay Monthly customers:

  • ‘The Basics’ gives 100MB for just an extra £3 a month – suggested for simple browsing and email
  • ‘The All-Rounder’ gives 500MB, unlimited public Wi-Fi (through The Cloud and BT Openzone) and 20 free media messages for an extra £6 a month. We recommend The All Rounder for most Smartphone customers
  • ‘The Works’ gives 1GB of data, unlimited public Wi-Fi (through The Cloud and BT Openzone) and 50 free media messages for an extra £10 a month.

The spokesperson added: ‘We proactively text customers as they approach their data allowance and when they have hit their limit, so they stay in control of what they use. Customers can change their simplicity allowance every month. This can be done by calling 2202, free from an O2 mobile.’


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