Vodafone partners question Daisy deal

Vodafone partners question Daisy deal

Vodafone partners are questioning the strategy behind the operator’s deal with Daisy Distribution, which will see it set up the Vodafone Partner Programme next month.

Some fear that the deal could lead to Daisy overseeing Vodafone’s Silver and Gold tiered partners, leaving Vodafone Partner Services (VPS) to concentrate on its high earning Platinum partners.

Others are concerned Vodafone’s review of its own partner programme could see Silver dealers that fail to hit targets moved into Daisy’s Vodafone Partner Programme.

One dealer said: ‘I don’t think Vodafone wants to deal with anyone other than their Platinum partners. With 80% of their business with the top tier and only 20% with the rest, they don’t want the grief. They have realised it’s about quality not quantity.’ Vodafone has an estimated 400 Silver and Gold partners, and 24 Platinum partners.

Another dealer said: ‘Word is that partners not hitting targets could be ‘encouraged’ by Vodafone to go to Daisy Distribution.’ Silver partners have said their direct link to Vodafone is too valuable to trade in.

One said: ‘I would never willingly go over to Daisy as I would effectively lose ownership of my connections.’ Some dealers believe the move is aimed at taking the pressure off VPS.

Partners have criticised VPS service levels, complaining of having to wait up to 15 minutes for their calls to be answered.

One said: ‘Dealers who have issues with VPS’s service could go over to Daisy to see if they get better service levels there.’

Asked if Vodafone intended to extend Daisy’s programme to Vodafone’s existing partners, a Vodafone spokeswoman said: ‘The deal aims to encourage as many partners to reach the Gold status. Daisy is running a Going for Gold programme.

‘The new indirect world is all about capability and the performance of partners. Through Daisy we will drive the same levels of capabilities, transparency and consistency so a Silver or Gold partner will be the same whether they are with Vodafone or Daisy Distribution.’

Vodafone declined to comment further.

In a statement, Daisy said: ‘We are not only committed to supporting Vodafone in its channel strategy, but to doing our utmost to help our existing partners, as well as partners that we might acquire, or who choose to align with Daisy Distribution.’

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