Vodafone prepares to review channel partners

Vodafone prepares to review channel partners

Vodafone is preparing to review its Vodafone Partner Programme this month, six months after the programme’s launch.

The operator has written to all its partners flagging up the forthcoming review. It informs partners that their Vodafone Partner Services sales representatives will contact them this month to confirm their position in the tiers.

This is the first partner review since the programme was set up in September last year. The channel revamp saw the operator stream its direct and indirect channel dealers into three tiers; Platinum, Gold and Silver and place them under the stewardship of Yes Telecom, which was rebranded Vodafone Partner Services.

In a letter notifying its channel partners of the review, Vodafone said: ‘When we launched the Vodafone Partner Programme last year, we committed to reviewing our Partners’ performance at the end of our financial year. This would allow us to reallocate our Partners across our three tiers of Platinum, Gold and Silver, should we feel adjustments were required.’

The six-monthly review will see partners promoted and relegated from each tier for performance against volume, value, service, skill and capability.

The letter adds: ‘This review will occur in April, which allows us to take into account your connections in March. Confirmation of your tier within the Vodafone Partner Programme will be shared with you by your sales representative during April and will come into effect May 2011.’

Vodafone said the results of the review will be disseminated on a one-to-one basis for confidentiality reasons. A Vodafone spokeswoman told Mobile: ‘The meetings to review the tiers will happen over the coming weeks with partners. They will take place on a one to one basis and will be confidential because they are based on performance and capabilities.’

The letter also outlines the April pay plan. It informs partners that their April commercials will be unaffected by the review, since the re-tiering will not take effect until May.

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