Gamma targets data market with IP telephony service

Gamma targets data market with IP telephony service

Gamma has rebuilt and upgraded its existing Assured IP Services product, a specialist broadband service for IP Telephony, by building its own broadband network and extending the  service to up to 30 channels.

The new service is part of a data services portfolio being developed by Gamma and will allow partners to sell a complete IP telephony package, including the access and customer router.

Gamma Telecom will launch the newly upgraded service next month and will also roll out Ethernet services, including EFM, by Q4. 

The new product enables Gamma partners to take to market a complete IP Telephony service of up to 30 channels, which includes the broadband and customer router.

The company said the service will be able to support up to 30 concurrent calls and work to a specified set of SLAs, addressing a large proportion of the IP Telephony market. It also offers an end to end service allowing channel partners to reduce support costs.

James Bushell, head of data services at Gamma said: ‘We’ve been selling IP Telephony to SMEs since 2005 and the recurring theme when reviewing market performance has been access and the challenges that come with it.

‘We tried selling our services with various broadband products, but not as successfully as we’d hoped for. With BT Wholesale’s 21CN access network really coming in to its own, we took the decision to build our own broadband network to support our IP Telephony services.

‘We’ve designed this network to specifically support IP voice and by having complete end to end control and visibility of all service elements we are able to provide a consistently high quality voice offering.'
Wayne Cartwright, CEO of Communicate Better, and a Gamma channel partner said: ‘Gamma has always had the right idea about providing as much of the end to end service as possible and to date this approach has helped us a great deal with our success with IP Telephony.

‘By building their own broadband network to deliver their voice services this gives our sales guys a lot more opportunities for selling converged solutions. I am really excited about this new Assured offering. Being able to offer up 30 concurrent telephone calls opens up a whole new marketplace, as we will be able to attack all of the old ISDN 30 circuits.'
Gamma Assured IP Services will be available from May 10 and will be followed by a full range of broadband services in July. Gamma also plans to launch Ethernet services, including EFM, supporting both voice and data access from a customer site by Q4. 

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