Everything Everywhere launches 50/50 dual-branded stores

Everything Everywhere launches 50/50 dual-branded stores

Everything Everywhere has launched the third phase of its retail trials with two 50/50 dual-branded T-Mobile and Orange stores.

The stores, in Bexleyheath and Bracknell, opened this morning. They feature a 50/50 split of the Orange and T-Mobile brands with the store literally cut down the middle.

Both trial shops sit in what was previously the T-Mobile store in each area, with the two Orange stores ‘mothballed’ until the close of the six-month trial. There will be 10 staff in the Bexleyheath store and six in the Bracknell shop.

Staff have spent around three weeks out of their stores being trained on both brands.

It is the third phase of the operator’s retail trials after it launched concession ‘store within stores’ and Everything Everywhere branded stores earlier this year.

Everything Everywhere head of store format Alan Howard said: ‘We want to compare Everything Everywhere and the dual-branded stores. This trial is more about the brands. We will put the brands right next to each other and will continue looking at how they work together.’

He added: ‘I think this will provide very clear feedback from customers and how customers are understanding.’

Howard said the operator has already seen some progress from its two other trials. He said: ‘If you look at concessions, we are seeing very positive performance, including an increase in footfall – and as a result we’ve seen positive sales performance.

‘The Everything Everywhere store has attracted lots of interest in the live handsets. The feedback on the attitude and environment has been very good.’

Howard added that the operator had incorporated ‘learnings’ from its previous trials when setting up the latest dual-branded stores.

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