LG launches LG Optimus 2X guerilla campaign

LG launches LG Optimus 2X guerilla campaign

LG celebrated the release of  the LG Optimus 2X by handing out ‘slow fines’ to hundreds of ‘slow coaches’ along Oxford Street.


The manufacturer’s guerilla campaign marked the launch of one of the first smartphones with a dual-core processor by speeding up one of Europe’s busiest streets on 14 April.


LG wardens hit Oxford Street and dished out hoax fines to hundreds of the worst offending dawdlers holding up the streets.


However, shocked recipients were relieved to find that the penalty notices didn’t contain cash fines but a link to the LG Facebook page, offering the public the chance to win an LG Optimus 2X by taking the Facebook speed challenge.


The LG Optimus 2x is available free from Phones 4u on a £25 a month tariff or on pay as you go for £399.95. Customers can also purchase the smartphone from Carphone Warehouse on a £30 a month tariff.


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