Apple fixes tracking glitch

Apple fixes tracking glitch

Apple has adjusted the company's mobile software to store less location data after its iPhone tracking database sparked privacy issues.

The computer giant yesterday (4 May) released a software update through iTunes which contains changes to the iOS location database.

The new software automatically pops up when an iPhone or iPad is synched and reduces the size of the location storage. It also ensures that the device no longer backs up the location information in iTunes and enables the handset to stop collecting data when Location Services is turned off.

Apple came under fire last month after it was revealed that its signature product, the iPhone, logged user locations and backed it up in iTunes.

US government officials raised concerns that the process would make it possible for someone with access to a person's computer to retrieve information about their movements.

The update comes days after Apple CEO Steve Jobs confirmed that the company would be testifying before Congress and other regulators.

Apple and Google representatives have agreed to testify at the US senate subcommittee hearing on mobile privacy on 10 May.

Apple has acknowledged that its iPhones did keep a database of nearby Wi-Fi hotspots and cell towers but denied tracked the movements of its iPhone customers.

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