Bust Geko's customers directed to Mainline

Bust Geko's customers directed  to Mainline

Geko customers are being directed to Orange distribution partner Mainline after the Telford-based Orange b2b dealer went into liquidation yesterday.

The company closed the doors of its three centres in Telford, Stoke and Birmingham yesterday, leaving around 110 employees redundant.

Former employees claim they have not been paid for the past month. Geko Direct attributed its failure to cashflow problems and the inability to attract further investment. However, customers accused the company of hard sell tactics and a failure to honour cashbacks.

An Orange spokesman said: ‘We are sorry to learn that Geko Direct has been placed into administration, however, efforts are being made by Mainline, an Orange distribution partner, to adopt responsibilities for Geko’s customers.

‘To ensure Orange provide the best service possible to our customers, a freephone customer service line has been established to assist any Orange customers who may be affected by this announcement.

‘Geko’s Orange customers can contact their dedicated customer services agent on 0808 178 6265.’

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Well this explains why I have been chasing a refund cheque for £60 since September last year! 50+ calls to Geko, very few answered or returned and no ...
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