Apple provokes ‘religious’ response in fans says brain expert

Apple provokes ‘religious’ response in fans says brain expert

Apple fans respond to Apple products in the same way they respond to religious icons, according to new research.

As part of the current BBC3 Series, ‘Secrets of the Superbrands’, presenter Alex Riley and his team interviewed neuroscientist  Professor Gemma Calvert while she scanned the brain of a self-confessed Apple brand fan in a bid to find out how big superbrands are able to build such a fanatical following.

Using a machine, the Neurosense team recorded brain activity of an Apple fan when he viewed  images of individuals of religious leaders such as the Pope compared with sporting heroes and Apple products compared to competitor products or unbranded products.

Neurosense MD Calvert said: ‘The case study on our Apple fan is part of a larger brain imaging study that Neurosense has carried out on high profile superbrands. The brain areas which were activated to a greater extent when the religious images were viewed included areas involved in meaning and memory, attention and decision making and an area important for self-representation, emotional associations and reward.

‘Our non-spiritual and non-sporting control group did not show any differences in brain activity when viewing any of these religious or sporting images compared to looking at postcards.

‘Alex is an extreme case of brand fanatic – and what we see is that his activation to images of the Apple brand produces the same brain images that our group study picked up in response to religious or sporting images and the leading global superbrands.’

Professor Calvert added that as eight out of 10 new products fail, more companies are using neuromarketing to help them with the design, marketing and sales of their services and products.


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