New Three CEO Dyson pledges to accelerate rate of growth

New Three CEO Dyson pledges to accelerate rate of growth

Incoming Three CEO Dave Dyson will accelerate the network’s rate of growth as it strives to double its customer base.

Dyson, who will replace Kevin Russell on 1 July, told Mobile: ‘From 1 July there will be more of the same. There will be more momentum – we are taking share and we continue to focus on growth to deliver and fan the flame and increase the pace of growth.’

Dyson said the target remains in place to double Three’s customer base by 2015. He said: ‘Internally we have a benchmark of five million active customers. Our medium term goal is to double the base by 2015. That target remains in place. We have the right cost structure and that will flow into it.’

Dyson added that although Three’s brand has come a long way over the past 18 months, it still suffers from a ‘lack of awareness’.

He said: ‘It’s the number one challenge but the biggest opportunity. The brand is strong but it does suffer from lack of awareness. The brand isn’t understood as it should be.'

However, there are no plans to spend significantly more on marketing. Dyson said: ‘We have a satisfied base and have had positive word of mouth. My focus is on continuing to grow the business.’

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