4G mobile could affect digital TV, says Ofcom

4G mobile could affect digital TV, says Ofcom

Ofcom has warned that the arrival of 4G mobile services in the UK could cause problems for digital TV signals.

The regulator recently highlighted its concerns that up to 3% of homes using Freeview services could be badly affected with interference when mobile phones using faster speed internet arrive in 2013.

Ofcom said that although the new 800MHz band will allow operators to provide faster download and browsing speeds for handsets, some digital TV signals will be badly affected as the spectrum used for both signals is close together.

The watchdog has started a research programme in a bid to find methods such as ‘filters for mobile base stations’, and ‘changes to aerials including reorientation and cross polarisation’ to help consumers that will be affected when the 4G technology goes live.

Ofcom also plans to carry out a consultation exercise, which will be funded by companies who buy a license for part of the 800MHz spectrum, and publish results in Q3 of 2011.?

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OK... Well that this is stupid. Why are they only just realising this now? when we, who know about operating Frequencies already thought about this on ...
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