Apple rivals closing gap in contract sales

Apple rivals closing gap in contract sales

HTC, Samsung and Motorola are rivalling Apple’s smartphone and tablet contract sales in the UK, according to retail staff.

Staff reported huge demand for ‘high-quality but relatively cheap’ HTC devices such as the Desire S, Desire HD and the Flyer tablet. The Motorola XOOM, which has been seen as the iPad’s closest rival, was also a big winner in store in recent weeks, with staff reporting a high-level demand for the Android-powered tablet.

However, Apple’s flagship products the iPhone 4 and iPad 2 remain the most sought after smartphone and tablet on the UK market.

An Orange staffer told Mobile: ‘The iPhone is the benchmark for most customers. The main question we keep hearing is, “how does this handset compare to the iPhone?”’

Meanwhile, a Carphone staffer said: ‘The Flyer is selling very well. It is a really nice piece of equipment.  We are suggesting the Flyer tablet to a lot of business customers who are coming in for the HTC Desire S as a complimentary product.’

Another Carphone staffer said: ‘The XOOM is proving a very popular tablet. The quality is impressive so we keep selling out.’

The Samsung Galaxy S II, which was earmarked to be the best-selling Android handset of the year when it was launched last month, also appears to be living up to its hype.

One staffer said: ‘The Galaxy S II has been selling exceptionally well. Some of its features are amazing.  Many customers who want a quality phone that isn’t an iPhone opt for the Galaxy S II. We have even had Samsung reps coming in to train us on the handset so we can help our customers get the most out of it.’

Staff said that sales of RIM’s BlackBerry Curve 9780 handset also remain high, driven primarily by its popular BlackBerry Messenger program.

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