Basic Nokias remain ‘bestsellers’

Basic Nokias remain ‘bestsellers’

Despite Nokia’s comparatively low smartphone sales, retail staff told Mobile that its basic handset range was selling well.

One Carphone staffer said:  ‘The Nokia 1800 (pictured) is our best selling handset in store. Even though Nokia’s smartphones don’t sell very well, its basic range does. The main selling point is its price. It’s one of the cheapest handsets on the market, which ensures high sales.’

According to an Orange staffer, Nokia handset sales have suffered as customers increasingly opt for HTC or Apple phones.

The staffer said: ‘Symbian is no longer popular. Unless Nokia upgrade to Android, they will continue losing their market to Android and Apple.’

Written by Mobile Today
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Upgrade to andriod? Is the staffer in question a total idiot? Oh- he works for Orange- yes he is.
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