Vodafone’s Laurence defends networks

Vodafone’s Laurence defends networks

Vodafone’s UK CEO Guy Laurence defended networks’ hard work as he accepted the award for Power 50 Person of the Year at the Mobile Industry Awards last Thursday (16 June). Laurence commented on the role mobile has to play in society, saying the industry is one to be proud of.

He said: ‘Mobile plays a pivotal role in society. It keeps family and friends together and makes business more productive. We also employ tens of thousands of people collectively. But somehow I feel we are increasingly on the back foot.’

‘When I see articles from people like eBay and Skype accusing us of delaying 4G, I say – if you don’t like it, feel free to build your own network.’

Laurence added: ‘You invest the billions in network, retail chains, customer services and everything else required to run a network. I also see our regulator sometimes criticising us as well and I compare the way that regulators work with their mobile industries in other countries and I see a big difference; and I don’t think that is good for us.

‘You need to be proud of what you do in this industry and the service that you provide to both consumers and businesses. I am sure that tomorrow morning some of you will wake up with a hangover, but I hope all of you wake up and are proud of the industry that you work in.’

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