Nokia’s first Windows Phone revealed in leaked video

Nokia’s first Windows Phone revealed in leaked video

Nokia’s first Windows Phone 7 handset has made its debut on a leaked video of an internal Nokia conference hosted by CEO Stephen Elop.

Despite Elop’s pleas for confidentiality, the video of Nokia’s first Windows Phone 7 offering, dubbed the Sea Ray, has been leaked on YouTube.

A demonstration of the smartphone revealed that the phone has the Windows 7 Mango update and looks virtually identical to the N9 phone. It is described in the demonstration as a ‘people–centric smartphone’ with ‘five hundred new features and capabilities’.

Following the demonstration, Elop told the audience: ‘We are making progress. We are exciting consumers. That is just the first one. I have other devices completely different from that, that are already working as well.’

He added: ‘We have so much to deliver and launch.’

Elop said the company would retain important features in Nokia’s current portfolio as it moves to produce Windows Phone 7 handsets. He said Nokia’s innovations in the N9, as well as user experience and industrial design, are ‘going to live on’ in the new phones.

Cynics say the leak is a publicity stunt by Nokia. If so, it heralds a new era of openness at the company. Elop talked frankly of mistakes made by Nokia in the past and the pain of the current transitional stage.

He called for open dialogue within the company, saying he wanted to hear from staff on what was going badly as well as what was doing well. He added: ‘It is OK to give us the bad news. The pain we suffered just a few weeks ago about the earnings release would not have happened if the people in this company had shared the bad news earlier.’

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