Overseas mobile roaming charges leave holidaymakers out of pocket

Overseas mobile roaming charges leave holidaymakers out of pocket

Four out of five holidaymakers have been hit with a phone bill £100 more than their average monthly bill following a trip abroad, new figures have revealed.

According to research by Carphone Warehouse, 81% of holidaymakers received a high phone bill on return after using their mobile internet abroad. While 79% of smartphone said that they intended to use their mobile internet abroad this summer, just 6% of consumers were fully aware of how much they would be charged per megabyte for accessing the internet on their smartphone abroad.

Carphone Warehouse UK MD Matt Stringer said: ‘We’ve seen a real increase in smartphone users over the past year. Roughly 85% of handsets sold with a postpay connection at Carphone Warehouse in 2010-2011 were smartphones, with penetration in the rest of our other European markets increasing all the time. However, even though adoption is high, the findings highlight the potentially high costs associated with using smartphones abroad.

‘Simply calling or visiting Carphone Warehouse to ask about holiday bundles is a great way to help bring your bills down. Data users should keep a look out for Wi-Fi spots where they can connect to the internet without using the local 3G network. At Carphone Warehouse we’ve pulled together a list of top tips which we hope people will find useful before going away this summer.’

Fans of social networking websites were also warned to avoid checking their profiles and updating their statuses abroad as the study also found Facebook and Twitter to be the main culprits of increased roaming fees.

Meanwhile, Carphone Warehouse also announced that it will be visiting Gatwick, Manchester and Glasgow airports this summer with a pop-up ‘holiday help desk’. Staff will be on hand to offer customers expert advice on using their mobile internet abroad without the fear of data charges.

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Sorry but if you go abroad, the network texts you the costs. If you use it - you pay. If you dont like the price, turn the damn thing off. Simples.
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