iPhone users watch the most mobile video

iPhone users watch the most mobile video

Two out of three iPhone owners use their smartphone to access videos, new figures have revealed.

According to research by consultancy firm Futuresource, 64% of iPhone users regularly watch video on their devices, compared to only 32% of all other smartphone users.

Social networking site Facebook was the number one website visited by iPhone users, followed by Google and YouTube.

The study also claims that iPhone users are more likely to pay for content that any other smartphone users. One in three iPhone users admit to frequently making 'in-app' purchases (buying a service within an app), while only one in 10 of Blackberry and Android users are making 'in-app' purchases.

Futuresource Consulting head of global content Alison Casey said: ‘Apps for smartphones and tablets continue to offer significant opportunities for promoting and monetising games, books, movie and TV content. Although the market is in its early stages, tablets will become the portable device for entertainment in the future, generating a new breed of applications and services that will breath additional life into this already lucrative market segment.’

Meanwhile, the study also revealed that one in four people in the UK now own a smartphone, with the highest percentage of owners being under 25 years old. The firm predicts that the number of smartphone users will grow to three-quarters by 2014.

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