Vodafone launches mHealth Professional service

Vodafone launches mHealth Professional service

Vodafone has launched mHealth Professional, a service intended to change the way healthcare professionals work.

Vodafone said it is using its expertise in mobile technology to support the healthcare sector, helping to deliver improved patient care more efficiently at a time when the NHS is under increased pressure to drive efficiencies and find savings of £20bn over the next four years.

The mHealth Professional service is a suite of cost-effective mobile and flexible working tools, services and applications. It includes features such as access to patient records from smartphones, secure remote access to information and systems, tools to monitor an employee’s location and respond to threats to their safety when they are away from the office or hospital, and an innovative digital pen to electronically record and store handwritten information.

The suite of tools can be tailored to any healthcare specialism so that regardless of function, every healthcare worker can have the perfect blend of tools to do their job.
Vodafone said healthcare organisations will see benefits such as less paperwork, secure access to patient data and the ability to update patient records on the move, as well
as greater efficiencies of time and resources.

Vodafone UK’s enterprise director Peter Kelly said: ‘The drive towards delivering care to patients within their homes means innovative mobile technologies that allow healthcare professionals to work easily and effectively in local communities are vital.

‘Our mHealth Professional healthcare-specific and mobile working solutions support a genuine and very real need in the healthcare sector.

‘Healthcare workers who use this cost-effective technology can be highly productive and most importantly are able to make better-informed decisions at the point of care.’

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