BBC to survey UK mobile coverage

BBC to survey UK mobile coverage

The BBC is to conduct a major survey into mobile phone coverage across the UK via Android handsets.

The study aims to map availability of 2G and 3G services with measurements made using an Android app developed by network analysis company Epitiro.

The app can be downloaded by Android handset owners and will record street level coverage across Britain. Once the test period has ended, the BBC will show the results on a clickable map.

Gavin Johns, chief executive of Epitiro said: ‘Coverage is the number one issue for consumers.’

He added: ‘Our coverage app will provide the information consumers need to see if 3G services are available and from which mobile operator. As mobile broadband is important to many of us, we hope people volunteer and make the project a success.’

The app will provide data to build up a record where 3G services are available, and from which operator. Speeds will not be tested. The survey will run for a month.

BBC technology correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones said: ‘The app will record phone signal data all the time the phone is switched on, and Epitiro is going to work with us to collect the results over the next month.  

‘The aim is then to plot the findings on a map which will be searchable by postcode. If we succeed, this should yield some interesting results.’

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