Cognatel launches Polish MVNO Kontakt

Cognatel launches Polish MVNO Kontakt

Vodafone MVNA Cognatel has launched an MVNO aimed at the Polish community called Kontakt Mobile.

Kontakt will offer the UK’s Polish residents a single rate to all UK and Polish landline and mobile numbers with the assurance of ‘high quality call connection’ and ‘excellent customer service’.

The contract-free service, which is focused entirely on the Polish marketplace, launched this week (19 July).

It will include social networking, and is aimed at the 590,000-strong 18-34 demographic within the Polish community. The company will target 10% of that number as customer additions over the next three years, Kontakt Mobile MD Alex Szymborski told Mobile.

He said: ‘There are two million Poles in the UK and of the 18-34 demographic there are 590,000, and that number is still rising.

‘We believe our approach, the rewards we offer and our customer insight constitute something of a revolution in the mobile market in the UK.’

The company will use a combination of traditional advertising and marketing, such as online, print and outdoor advertising in Polish communities across the UK. It will also make use of social media to generate interest.

Kontakt has also set up an agreement with MoneyCorp for money transfer special rates.

The Kontakt website will feature both English and Polish text and customers will be able to register for the new service online, choosing from rolling packages or top-ups.

Free services such as apps to download and international money transfer will be available and usage points will be awarded that can be swapped for rewards such as Polish food and drinks, beauty products and free calls.

Cognatel CEO Mark Ashdown said: ‘Kontakt is at the forefront of a trend that we expect to gather pace throughout the year. And that’s the arrival of a whole new generation of MVNOs that are tailored to very specific ethnic and community groups.

‘Our aim is to support the best of these new MVNOs that come to market and ensure that like Kontakt they are well prepared for launch and have the right systems in place to ensure long-term success.’

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