Texting as equally valued as making and receiving calls

Texting as equally valued as making and receiving calls

Almost one in three smartphone users now believe that texting on smartphones is just as important as making and receiving calls, a new study has revealed.

Research by YouGov on behalf of outsourcing firm Firstsource Solutions found that while 27% of smartphone consumers say making and receiving calls is the most important function, 26% claimed that texting was their primary reason for using a phone.

The study, which interviewed over 2,000 British adults, also revealed that women are more avid texters than men.

Despite preconceptions that woman love to talk, only 26% of women agreed that making and receiving calls was the most important function on their smartphone compared with the 32 % who said that texting was the most important function.

Firstsource Solutions' telecom and media division executive VP Santanu Nandi said: ‘Who could have predicted when mobile phones were first introduced that texting would become as important a part of our lives as making and receiving calls? This new data proves that texting is still thriving on smartphones and predictions of its decline due to new technologies such as instant messenger and social media were premature.’

Meanwhile, the study also found the 18-24 year old market to be the most likely to value texting as a function on their smartphone. 40% valued texting while 12% place more value on making and receiving calls.

Texting was also ranked by 82% of consumers as the most popular way to send a message to a friend or relative on a smartphone, followed by email (7%) and then Facebook (6%).

Nandi added: ‘Brands should consider texting as an important customer service channel, bringing interactivity with their customers. This should help them in delivering better customer experience by providing customer service related updates through SMS.’



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