Samsung narrows the gap with Nokia for mobile phone sales in Q2

Samsung narrows the gap with Nokia for mobile phone sales in Q2

Global sales of all mobile devices reached a total of 428.7 million units in Q2 2011, a 16.5% increase on the 367.9 million sold in Q2 2010, according the latest figures from analyst Gartner.

Nokia remained the number one manufacturer. However, its 22.8% share of the market was down from 30.3% in Q2 2010 and was also lower than its 25.1% share in Q1 2011.

Gartner observed that Nokia’s sales into the channel in Q2 were low, partly due to a very competitive market and partly due to inventory management issues in Europe and China. It worked hard to reduce its stock, especially older products, destocking more than nine million units overall and five million smartphones.

Samsung achieved strong growth with the Galaxy S II doing especially well by chalking up five million sales by the end of July, helping it to become the world’s third largest smartphone vendor. However, its overall share dropped slightly year on year to 16.3% (up slightly on Q1 – 16.1%) from 17.8% a year ago.

LG kept hold of its number three position but its market share of 5.7% was down from 8.0% a year ago, although it was slightly up on Q1’s figure of 5.6%.

Despite still relying on the iPhone 4, Apple continued to expand in fourth place to take 4.6% of the market, up from just 2.4% a year ago and up from 3.9% in the previous quarter. Gartner said part of its growth came from the fact that it was signed up with 42 new carriers and 15 new countries. By the end of Q2 sales stood at 19.6 million units.

RIM was leapfrogged by ZTE, which moved ahead of it in fifth place with 3% of the global market, up from 1.8% a year ago and up 0.7% on Q1. RIM’s share of the smartphone market declined to 12% in Q2 from 19% a year ago. Gartner attributed its decline to an ageing portfolio and delays in shipping products.

HTC remained steady in seventh place having moved its share up from 1.6% a year ago to 2.6%. Motorola showed signs of clawing back some share in eighth place moving from 2.1% in Q1 to 2.4% in Q2, but still down on its 2.5% share a year ago.

Huawei overtook Sony Ericsson to take ninth place moving from a 1.4% share a year ago to 2.1% in Q2 2011. Sony Ericsson now sits at the bottom of the top 10 with a share of 1.7%, down from 3.0% in Q2 2010.

In terms of operating systems, Android claimed top place with 43.4% of the global market (up from 17.2% a year ago); Symbian clung on to second place with 22.1%, hotly pursued by Apple’s iOS with 18.2%. RIM was fourth with 11.7%, followed by Samsung’s Bada OS with 1.9% and Microsoft’s Windows Phone with 1.6%.

Worldwide Mobile Device Sales to End Users
by Vendor in Q2 2011

Vendor                      2Q11                            2Q10
                       Market Share (%)            Market Share (%)
Nokia                         22.8                               30.3
Samsung                   16.3                               17.8
LG                               5.7                                 8.0
Apple                          4.6                                  2.4
ZTE                             3.0                                 1.8
RIM                             3.0                                 3.2
HTC                            2.6                                 1.6
Motorola                     2.4                                  2.5
Huawei                       2.1                                  1.4
Sony Ericsson            1.7                                  3.0
Others                       35.8                                 28.1

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