Orange launches three new mobile broadband price plans

Orange launches three new mobile broadband price plans

Orange today refreshed its mobile broadband price packages with the launch of three new mobile broadband plans created to reflect the amount people browse the internet on a daily basis. The new small, medium and large plans have been designed to give customers a range of options to allow them to choose the right plan for their needs.

The three plans are based on average daily use over one month, making them more clearly aligned to what customers actually use. Customers who take out the medium and large plans get the added advantage of inclusive Wi-Fi access, allowing them to benefit from access to over 200,000 BT hotspots across the UK.

All Orange customers, whether on pay monthly, pay-as-you-go or on Orange home broadband, will receive a £5 monthly discount on the new plans, giving them the flexibility to surf, email and post updates wherever they are.

New mobile broadband plans from Orange
Plan          Inclusive download           Price per month

Small                 500MB                                  £10
                                                       (£5 to Orange customers)

Medium               1GB                                    £15
                   + unlimited Wi-Fi        (£10 to Orange customers)

Large                   3GB                                   £30
                   + unlimited Wi-Fi        (£25 to Orange customers)

Orange’s new E5830C Mobile Wi-Fi device is a palm-sized wireless receiver featurings a mobile broadband signal indicator to show users what level of signal is being received. This will allow them to position the device in the place with the strongest Orange signal. It has been designed for users on the go and connects easily with up to five Wi-Fi-enabled gadgets, with no installation software needed and nothing to plug in to the user’s laptop.

The device has a five hour battery life and comes with a charger. It is compatible with PCs, Macs and any Wi-Fi-enabled device. It also features a microSD slot to store up to 32GB of data.

The Orange E5830C Mobile WiFi device will be launched on Orange in the coming weeks and prices will range from £20 to £60 depending on the mobile broadband plan purchased.

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expensive! £25 to £30 for 3GB ! hmmm - that wont sell well then in my opinion
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