Google buys Motorola to protect Android

Google buys Motorola to protect Android

Google’s acquisition of Motorola Mobility this week was primarily driven by the internet giant’s need to acquire a patent and intellectual property portfolio to protect the Android ecosystem.
The move strengthens Google and Android against the rising tide of patent litigation that many technology firms now face.

The deal brings Google Motorola Mobility’s extensive portfolio of 17,000 existing patents and 7,500 applications.

Announcing the deal, Google CEO Larry Page (pictured) made clear that the firm’s primary reason for the acquisition was the opportunity to own Motorola Mobility’s impressive intellectual property portfolio.

He said the deal would ‘protect the Android ecosystem, which is under threat from some companies, so having the intellectual property portfolio is a good thing’.

This view was echoed by Google’s senior VP of mobile Andy Rubin, who said: ‘We see this transaction as protecting and extending the Android ecosystem – we are now in a very good position to protect our ecosystem for all our Android partners.’

Rubin insisted that the acquisition of Motorola Mobility would not disadvantage its Android partners, which number over 50 worldwide.

He said: ‘I spoke to the top five Android licensees yesterday and they all share our enthusiasm for the deal.’

He added: ‘Our tremendous success with the Android operating system is because of the ability to manage and run the ecosystem with a number of different partners and we will continue to do that.’

He added that Google’s policy of picking a partner to work closely with on the development of flagship products over the year for launch in the holiday season would not change.

‘We don’t expect that to change at all, and Android remains open to other partners to use as they do today.’

Neil Mawston, technology analyst at Strategy Analytics, said: ‘Motorola Mobility’s patent portfolio is the primary reason for this acquisition, enabling Google to better defend itself and Android against Microsoft, Apple and other companies.’

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