Consumers do not report lost or stolen mobile phones

Consumers do not report lost or stolen mobile phones

Almost half of UK consumers do not block their lost or stolen mobile phone or report it to the police, new figures have revealed.

According to research by mobile phone comparison website, 47% of participants admit taking no action when they lost or had their mobile phone stolen, compared to just 23% who said that they had reported the incident to the police and 18% who claimed that they contacted their phone operator to have their handset blocked.

The study also revealed that a lack of handset knowledge was one of the main reasons for consumers not reacting to a loss, with 42% of respondents admitting that they didn’t know their International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number.

A further 31% said they had failed to report the loss of their handset because they did not have insurance, while 26% claimed that the process was too much effort.  MD Mark Owen said: ‘If your phone becomes lost or gets stolen, the only thing you can count on is the insurance you bought or your IMEI number. That’s why I am surprised to see that many people do not bother to report or block their handset to the relevant parties. I would rather pay for an insurance policy that I barely used and have it handy if my phone was stolen or lost.’

Meanwhile, the study also revealed that 17% of respondents who had reported their lost or stolen handset to the police admitted they had made a false declaration in a bid to take advantage of their insurance.




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