Staying with one mobile operator costs consumers

Staying with one mobile operator costs consumers

Almost 20 million Brits have never switched their mobile phone provider and could be missing out on crucial savings because of their misplaced loyalty, new figures have revealed.

According to research by price comparison website, Which? Mobile, although 5.3 million consumers have saved money after switching networks, while 20 million remain loyal to their provider for the ‘sake of convenience’.

Tom McLennan from Which? Mobile said: ‘If you have been with the same mobile provider for years, the chances are you could find a better deal elsewhere. With so many tariffs out there it pays to shop around, either through a comparison site or by checking out what different networks have to offer.’

Meanwhile, Which?Mobile also reinforced that switching providers was not as hard as it seemed,  by revealing that nine out of 10 of consumers who switched operators found the process easy.

Brian Boroff, MD of mobile price comparison site, commented: ‘The new Report by Which? reinforces what we have found in our research, published earlier this week. found that on average Brits upgrade their phones every 21.2 months, and, shockingly, 2.5 million people have never upgraded or changed their contract at all.

‘People may think that by staying with the same network they are making life easier for themselves, but the truth is they could be wasting money unnecessarily. Our research found that Brits on the wrong tariffs could typically save £13,000 over their lifetimes by switching to the right contract every time they renew.'

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