New Everything Everywhere CEO to focus on customer retention

New Everything Everywhere CEO to focus on customer retention

New Everything Everywhere CEO Olaf Swantee confirmed the Orange/T-Mobile joint venture’s commitment to increasing the number of Everything Everywhere branded stores as he unveiled a new look management line-up on 1 September.

Swantee said the existing stores had a 25% greater footfall than the singly-branded stores. Customers liked having the choice of two sets of branded products in one location, he said.

Everything Everywhere did not respond immediately to queries regarding plans to rationalise the number of retail outlets.

Swantee said he was waiting for the results of a brand review, expected late next month, before deciding how to rationalise the T-Mobile and Orange brands.

A decision on staff levels and outlets is unlikely before then, Swantee indicated.

The boards of France Telecom and Deutsche Telekom, which own the joint venture, were fully behind that process, he said. ‘It’s more about execution than about integration now,’ he said.

Swantee said the company’s priorities now were to grow the number of contract customers and to retain customers.

Everything Everywhere reported in July that the number of contract customers had risen by 236,000, and that two-thirds of its contract customers were on 24-month contracts, up from 42% the year before.

He said Everything Everywhere’s 13% churn rate was the lowest in the industry, and he wanted to lower it further.

He aimed to push profitability to 25%, he said. For the first half of 2011, Everything Everywhere reported margins of 20.2% on sales of £682m.

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