Sony unveils its first tablet devices

Sony unveils its first tablet devices

Sony has launched the first of its tablet devices, the Sony Tablet S, in a bid to rival Apple’s iPad.

The 16GB Tablet S, which will be available in Europe later this month, will retail from £399, the same price as a 16GB Wi-Fi version of Apple’s iPad.

But unlike the iPad its will also come with a built-in infrared transmitter that can replace any remote control for any brand of TV, as well as what Sony is describing as more ‘open’ music and movie download services.

The Android-powered Sony Tablet S features 23.8cm (9.4-inch) touch-screen display, a powerful Nvidia Tegra 2 mobile processor and weighs just 598g.

The Wi-Fi/3G version of Tablet S will be available from November 2011.

Meanwhile, Sony also announced the release date of its second tablet device, the Sony Tablet P.

Contrasting to the tapered design of the Tablet S, the Tablet P is a folding, clamshell model with two smaller screens. It features dual 13.9cm (5.5-inch) touch-screen displays, the same Nvidia Tegra 2 mobile processor and offers connectivity via Wi-Fi and 3G mobile networks.

Both models boast front- and rear-facing cameras for still and video image capture, a USB 2.0 port and SD card slot.

The Sony Tablet P will be available to buy in the UK in November this year.


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