Mobile phone app downloads to grow by 144% in 2011

Mobile phone app downloads to grow by 144% in 2011

Apple will make more money even though Android apps will outsell iOS apps by three to two, market researcher Ovum predicts.

‘Although Android phones will lead on total downloads, iPhone will continue to dominate the market in terms of revenues from paid-for apps, reaching $2.86bn in 2016, compared to $1.5bn for Android,’ said Ovum analyst Nick Dillon.

In a new forecast Ovum said the global paid-for apps market will grow to $3.7bn in 2011, up 92% from $1.95bn in 2010. Ovum predicted this will rise to $7.7bn in 2016.

Ovum also forecast that Windows Phone would overtake BlackBerry for third place in both total number of downloads and revenues by 2015.

Smartphone users will download more than 18 billion apps in 2011, with 8.1 billion Android downloads compared to six billion for Apple, Dillon said.

Last year the two reached downloads of 1.4 billion and 2.7 billion respectively, the researcher said.

Dillon expected global downloads to reach 45 billion in 2016. ‘By 2016 there will be almost double the total number of Android phone application downloads compared to iPhone, with 21.8 billion and 11.6 billion respectively,’ he said.

Consumers were becoming more cost and quality-conscious, which made it harder to get a premium even on good apps, said Eden Zoller, Ovum’s principal analyst on consumer telecoms.

‘Most paid-for apps are in a commodity pricing zone and those capable of pushing above the $5 mark are in the minority,’ she said.

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