Britons become road warriors despite security fears

Britons become road warriors despite security fears

Mobile working may be the way to go for more than nine out of 10 small business owners, but the lack of secure access to data is giving them sleepless nights.

This is one of the conclusions in the first Mobile Working report commissioned by independent internet service provider Timico.

After quizzing directors in 200 British small and medium sized companies about staff using their own mobile equipment at work, Timico concluded:

  • 72% of businesses worried about employees bringing their own devices to work
  • 43% of directors said that up to 20 devices are lost or stolen each year
  • 30.5% said they lost between 20 and 100 devices
  • 31% of businesses said they don’t have a policy on BYOD (bring your own device)
  • 82% would probably allow BYOD if there was a way to protect company data held on an employee’s own device.

The research also showed that 93% of directors believed that mobile working was either a continuing or rising trend.

Four out of 10 staff at businesses with less than 300 staff work away from the office; this rises to 75% in businesses with more than 300 staff.

Six out of 10 respondents said that data on company business devices was either not protected or that they didn’t know, and 76% of businesses had to deal with lost or stolen devices each year.

Timico found 42.5% of directors had to spend time every week resolving problems caused by lost or stolen devices or by employees’ own devices causing issues with work IT.

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